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management recalls the leadership of the agency during hurricane katrina. it's about an hour and 15 minutes. >> hi, i guess we're ready to begin. good evening. welcome to the national press club, i'm jan king, i'm on the book and author committee. we're so honored tonight to have as our guest michael brown. he'll be speaking to you all about his book "deadly indifference: the perfect political storm." copies of the book are available for purchase over there where nicole is sitting. and each sale benefits the eric friedheim national journalism library. no outside books will be allowed please. mr. brown will be signing your copy after he gives his little talk here. he'll be happy to do that for you. before i begin, please turn your cell phones off. which means i have to turn mine off too. okay. there's two events coming up at the national press club that i want to announce. june 23rd, thursday night, we're going to have neil gayman. he has his books "american god" 10th anniversary edition. this will be a ballroom event. august 1st, senator bob graham. he will be discussing his keys to the kin
hurricane katrina, about an hour and 15 minutes. >> side. i guess we are ready to begin. the evening. welcome to the national press club. i am on the book and other committee, and we are so honored tonight to have as our guest, michael brown. he will be speaking to you all about his book, "deadly indifference." copies of the book are available for purchase over there were nicola setting. each sale benefits the national journalism library. no outside buds will be allowed. and mr. brown will be signing your copy after he gives his little talk year. you will be happy to do that for you. before i begin please turn your cell phones off which means i have to turn-2. ahead. there are two events coming up at the national press club that i want to announce. jane 23rd, thursday night, we will have neil damon. he has his book. this will be of all relevant. on august 1st we will have senator bob gramm. he will be discussing his keys to the kingdom in the conference from. i am sure you all know that our guest, 89, served as the first under secretary of homeland security for president george w. bu
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. >> reporter: anita, it's simply not possible to overstate just how much katrina watts has gone through these past 16 months and it would be awfully hard not to be impressed by her incredible recovery. >> immediately it just started to burn. i could feel it burn. >> reporter: it was march 29th, 2010. katrina watts had just gotten out of her car with her 4-year-old daughter and was about to go into their home. >> i just wanted to get in the house and take the shower. i had just got off the work. >> reporter: when she was suddenly approached by two women. one of whom threw a cup full of toxic chemicals at her and her daughter hitting both of them in the face and leg. >> my face had gotten so swollen and my lips they said i could have died. >> reporter: the attack was born of jealousy. you see, katrina's ex-boyfriend had just broken up with one of the alleged attackers and was getting back together with katrina. >> someone was walking up behind me. i still jumped. >> reporter: one of the suspects pleaded guilty earlier this year and is now facing eight years in prison. the other suspect wa
, their lives are wrecked. i saw this firsthand, i went down to help out with katrina thing in september. it's weird. because you are dealing with people that lost everything and it's kind of hard to imagine that if you haven't done it yourself. basically, you know, she's looking at her curtains here, she probably hand-stitched those things. maybe they have been hanging there the last 5 or 6 years. everything in the house is wrecked, photos, keepsakes, it's a tough thing. and people deal with this kind of stress in different ways. we as disaster workers, we see it all the time. but we have a word we use, professional. we try to be professional around people that have suffered a loss like this because they don't want us to come -- you don't want to go into somebody's house and be joking and having a good time. it's unprofessional. when you are dealing with somebody who has a loss like this, just think of the word professional. that's what we try to do. this sort of body language here, she's trying to comfort here, do you think she's buying it? not with that body language. she's not really buy
that katrina vanden heuvel and eric alterman will talk about. the world with a complicated place and we have seen obama repeatedly buffeted by global events outside of his control coming in when he did with the financial crisis in the last couple weeks the unrest in the arab world and the earthquake in japan. one of the challenges that has become clear is how little a precedence the is up to a president. much of what happens during a president's term is about reacting to events rather than creating the events as we might have wanted him to. what i think -- and i will pass it down the road here -- what concerns me more than where obama is or where the republican party is is i think we are entering an era in politics where the thing that concerns me the most is we are no longer serious about serving the big problems. that was the subject of my first book in 2007 looking ahead to the 2008 presidential race. the big issues in education and health care and energy and the environment and jobs and so on and i think you can see that playing out in washington as we talk about the budget. this budget
than i have some of the other issues which i think cay -- katrina will talk about. we've seen obama busted by global events out of his control, coming in, of course, when he did with the financial crisis up until the last couple of weeks, the unrest in the arab world and the earthquake in japan that one of the challenges that i think has also become clear is how little of a presidency is up to a president, and that much of what happens during a president's term is about reacting to events rather than necessarily creating the events as we might have wanted him to. what i think -- and then i'll pass it on down the road here -- what concerns me more than sort of where obama is or where the republican party is is i think we are entering an era in politics where the thing that concerns me the most is that we are no longer serious about solving the big problem, and that was sort of the subject of my first book in 2007 looking ahead to the 2008 presidential race, and the big issues in education and health care, in energy, in the environment, jobs, and so on, and i think that you can really
security plans and strategies. and evolutions that i have some of the other issues which i think katrina and eric will talk more about. but that the world is an immensely complicated place and we have seen obama repeatedly buffeted by global events outside of his control. coming and, of course, when you did with the financial crisis, up until the last couple of weeks the unrest in the arab world and the earthquake in japan, that one of the challenges that i think has also become clear is how little of the presidency is up to a president. and that much of what happens are in a presidency term is about reacting to it and it rather than message integrating the events of it, as we might have wanted him to. what i think, and then i will pass it on down the road here, what concerns me more than sort of where obama is, or where the republican party is, is i think we are entering an era in politics where the thing that concerns me the most is that we are no longer serious about solving big problems. and that was sort of the subject of my first book in 2007 looking ahead to the 2008 presidential
is grooming a new type of commandnd to deal with domestic disasters like hurricane katrina. they would be able to lead both active duty and national guard troops. the change could save lives on a large scale in the event of a katrina-like disaster. >>> wetter weather in the forecast, conditions have improved so much in new mexico, that thousands were able to go back to their los alamos homes in a week. >> officials now say that the massive fire was caused when a tree fell across power lines. >>> you see all of the smoke still hanging around. >>> taking a look at this morning's fourth of july weather. we have severe storms that can damp on the fireworks in tennessee and ohio valley. hazy and hot in dallas. northern plains could see thunderstorms and high winds. >> phoenix cool downs to 105. new york and boston are seasonable. dallas will have temperatures above 100 degrees. hotter than usual in colorado springs. >>> and coming up -- after 39 years of service the last vietnam-era draftee finally retires. taking a look back at the end of an era of this hero. >>> the weekend box office and much mo
the difference in the world. >> reporter: for katrina duff days like this can be bittersweet. she knows an asthma flare could be just a breath away. >> a lot of times when there are the air quality alerts i feel my asthma kick in a little bit. >> reporter: she makes sure to keep her inhaler nearby. she added more soy to her diet. >> americans in general do not take a whole lot of soy. the groups of folk whose did seemed to have better lung function that made us think maybe this is something that could improve their asthma. >> reporter: doctor john is an asthma specialist. he is helping conduct a new national study to see if adding more soy can make breathing easier. doctors say there is an ingredient that is a powerful antiinflamatory agent. in places like asia asthma complications tend to be lower. >> we have very good drugs for asthma. in the majority of patients they work pretty well. when the first line medicines don't really work then we are much more limited. >> reporter: if soy proves to be effective it could be a simple and inexpensive option for people like katrina. >> i ta
's county woman severely burned in an attack over a man is breaking her silence. katrina watts and her then 4- year-old daughter were heading into their oxon hill home in march 2010 when they were attacked. charging documents report one of two women doused watts with some sort of liquid. >> my face got so swollen and my lips were so swollen. i could have died. >> officials say one of the suspects had just split up with the father of katrina's child. he was planning to reunite with katrina. one pleaded guilty. the other was arrested wednesday. >>> it is 6:34 on this friday morning. and i'm watching your money. one thing you're not going spending your money on right now? redskins tickets. the "washington post" reports the team was unable to sell thousands of season tickets this year as part of the reason it took nearly 10,000 seats out of fedex field. in their place they're going if the partyic thes and the post -- decks and the post reports they tried to sell people on the waiting season ticket list. but no one wanted them. >>> you're also spending less of your money on video games. sea
on recertification of levees. that's appropriate after hurricane katrina. secondly, the private engineering firms that perform the recertifications are facing at nomically increased costs from their private insurers, no one wants to insure a levee in a flood-prone area other than the rest of the community, thus the government. together these two changes have added increasingly high cost to our local communities as they're trying to protect their residents and keep their levees up to standards. it's created an extra burden on these communities that they can ill afford. this amendment offers a solution. the army corps of engineers stands ready and able to perform these levee certifications. in many cases they built the levees. they can do it at significantly reduced cost to the local communities. but under legislation passed in the 2000 water resources development act state and local communities cannot hire the corps of engineers to do the work, they must first go to private contractors. it's exactly what happened in my town in minnesota. the levee which was designed and built by the corps needed t
storms. i think that may be one of the lessons of katrina. like senator pryor, i think there have been increasing numbers of declarations of disaster, and it's kind of hard to be against declaring a disaster so we always declared disaster, and i think there is not every disaster is created equally there are disasters like what happened in joplin and other disasters people need help with the question is can the federal government keep doing it and have enough money to keep supplying endless amounts of money to fema. the president has requested 46 trillion worth of spending unfortunately we don't have 46 trillion that will add the 11 trillion to in our debt so we have to make difficult choices and even when people are in need we have to decide can we take care of every natural occurrence that goes on or should we be reserving the federal government involvement for the catastrophic times when communities are wiped out and need help like katrina and joplin's case but i look forward to learning more from the panel. >> thank you, senator paul. let me say for my colleagues here let's go ahead
. no one will ever come clean of the katrina of the new orleans and the stinking house of the setting sun. but it's the black and the blue of the loving on the shoes, let alone a dime or water, america, you are always scotched earth in our mouth. always a rain of disaster of streams of our broken eyes. now the rags are the most turn. our pores the poorest that can be worn in the souls shop. now that all is lost and there is only nothing to lose. long live the courage and the poor. they begin to waiver. [applause]. >> vennetia. i was enranged at your body enettia. chicanery that cried out of an awfulor gast. slowly i found you should side streets where you practice a strolling stillness without any engine sounds and the skies turning on into color and then eternal magnificence of twilight, it accompanies your every move and theirs doubt about it, you are more adorable without the car wrapped around you, where you can be what you are. walking water. that gently laps. i have come to you this midnight and lane down in your black body with it's soft red blush and pulled the starkly blue cover
for the louisiana who had a huge exodus because of katrina. his record is one of downsizing companies. he has to do this from a position of strength. obama has to have his own record and a renewed vigor that can be a clear-cut alternative. he cannot just be another seemingly corporate guy running against another corporate guy. tavis: i hate to use these words because they have been so overused. as i read the piece of -- i am not saying you say this explicitly, there is a sense that you believed that there is time, more than just time, you believe that obama is still capable. there is something inside of him that you can connect to. something there that we can perhaps get the president to understand and respond. if my read on that is right, why are you hopeful? do you think he is going to stand strong on the debt ceiling and not give them what they want on deficit reduction? why did you remain hopeful? >> i may be just the a fool to hold on. argument,ave any great except a fundamental conviction that this is a decent guy, much of whose record including as a community organizer says that his overall
developments in the case. >> she is everything to me. >> for katrina watts only one thing matters. >> she will probably be an actress. funny a people person. >> when tikia anderson threw acid at her and her daughter, stopped. >> nobody wants that to happen to their child. i was not used to seeing her like that. >> prosecutors say that anderson really knew watts but pat watts was dating-- watt was dating the ex-boyfriend. >> piping patients alive sentence for doing this to me and my child. >> potassium carbonate left severe burns on watsonts' face and body. her daughter perseveres. >> when i saw her the first time she was smiling. it hurts. >> they have completely recovered from their injuries. she turned 5 on thursday and spent her birthday in disney world with grandparents. >>> we are hearing from the mother who made a bold escape with her infant after being carjacked. a woman and her 20-month-old son were carjacked in baltimore gas station and were taken on a wild ride that ended yesterday morning on the capital beltway. officers chased 22-year-old terron white after he sideswiped a pol
watts and her daughter. -- for katrina watts and her daughter. >> she likes to model. she will probably be an actress. she is very dramatic. she is very funny. she speaks to everyone. >> when anderson accosted them and threw acid at her and her 3- year-old daughter, time stopped. >> i could only cry because you do not want that to happen to your child. nobody wants that to happen to their child. i was not used to seeing her like that. my daughter was always beautiful. >> watts was dating the ex- boyfriend of to mayor ed jackson. investigators say that jackson put -- boyfriend -- ex-boyfriend of tamara jackson. investigators say that jackson but anderson up to it. despite such trauma watts says that tania survives. >> i see her smiling. the two-seater ulman hud -- to see her like that, it just hurts. >> that is incredible. we also have and -- >>> two commercial aircraft collided. the weighing of and delta air lines airplane hit a smaller flight. at last check only one person on board the aircraft was hurt. there were no other injuries. the cause is still under investigation. >>> there ar
of canada continues. >> prince pm and katrina arrived in -- prince william and katrina arrived yesterday. they were greeted by enthusiasts. earlier in the day william demonstrated a helicopter emergency water landing near prince edward island. the couple then took to the water together each in their own dragon boat for a race. >> they don't just have tea up there. >> yeah. pretty active. >> busy i should say. >>> we have to show you the hot dog-eating contest, it's the thing you do on the day after the 4th of july. very tough competition for the world's fastest hot dog eater. >> it was. once again the mustard belt belongs to a guy from the south bay. >> will it be a fifth mustard belt? the modern version of an arch angel! >> san jose's joey chestnut took first place at coney island yesterday. he ate 62 dogs. how do you do it in 10 minutes with the buns? >> barely. clearly they are barely doing it. >> but he did it. >> barely keeping them down. >> i feel sorry for the guy that did 38 for no reason at all. he ate 38. it was his fifth consecutive win. >> yeah. you don't get on television
gives advice to prisoners on how to survive in the outside. >>> and hero dog, rescued from katrina, hooper the lab has found a new home and a new career, helping kids learn to read and pawing his own memoir, "early" this saturday morning, july 16th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >> new york city waking up to a saturday morning, thanks for being with us and good morning. welcome to "the early show." i'm rebecca jarvis. >> i'm russ mitchell. hazy day, going to be nice later. >> can't wait for that. >>> dead lock talks to raise the nation's debt limit. as the august 2nd deadline approaches, lawmakers are negotiating behind closed doors trying to come up with their own fallback plans. whit johnson is at the white house with the latest. whit, good morning. >> russ good morning to you. today is the deadline president obama set for congressional leaders to come up with dicit reduction plans that could actually pass congress. he remains convinced that most americans, including republicans want a balanceed aagreement. >> the request he is, at what point do folks over there start listening
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. for example, i think that after the devastation of katrina and horrible stories of people being left behind without generators, required as a part of the licensed homes, that they all have generators. we also require that many new school buildings be built to accommodate rolling generators that in the past we were able to purchase france, serving as a shelter, looking at a time a black out. i a understand that those are steps toward resiliency. we might emulate or point out. >> one thing that we have done, that many of us were not aware of until a couple of years ago, when we become overwhelmed with state highway resources we have a web of mutual assistance in place that the mayors can call upon. i suppose that that is sort of a resiliency. what are the models? >> thank you for providing the information with other governor's offices and fall. let me make a pitch for some states that are not unified. as we have seen with some places, if the power is out for the human stations, there is a problem. practical things. one of the key functions that we want to make sure of, is there a continuity i
to deal with, where was god? when people who get leukemia, an evil things happen, katrina or a tsunami. for the holocaust. why wasn't got looking over this? and most say, you can't divide the divine. you can't understand what god is thinking. for me, it was more of a different kind of journey. i write about having been abused physically, and not sexually, but physically at the hands of a public schoolteacher that was a british. i was getting beat pretty badly and i was thinking to myself, god knows about this. and rest assured he does i am trying to be a good boy. years later, it was when i read dostoevsky and child was being beaten and he says, how can a good god allow this to exist? the venue began to wrestle with this whole idea, at least i did. maybe god as a creator and allows free will and maybe our faith is based on tragedies and in during these kinds of things. a you're wrestling with some of the bigger questions, and you either take a side or you don't take a side. tavis: let me start with some of the smaller questions given what you have just said. for those of you watching o
on a mother and child of prince george's county. katrina watts was carrying her daughter out of her car when she was splashed with acid in oxon hill last year. for the first time she describes what happened during that chemical attack. >> and she just throws acid on me and my daughter. i don't even -- at that point, my face is burning. i can't see. immediately my eyes are blurry. i can feel my lips swelling up. >> attack left watts disfigured. investigators say tamara jackson masterminded the attack because watts dated her ex-boyfriend. they also say she convinced her friend takia anderson to carry attack out. >>> police are trying to figure out who vandalized a montgomery county school. this happened at herbert hoover school in rockville. there were sexual images and hate language on the walls, doors, windows, and furniture. no arrests have been made in this case. >>> an indictment against a d.c. police officer on charges he sexually abused three women while on duty. larry say is accused of forcing sex acts on three women in 2006 and 2010 all while in full uniform and armed with a gun. say
fair and balanced means to me. after hurricane katrina, the mainstream media piled on fema for its failure to respond to the crisis. and the federal government did a lousy job. but it was fox news that started reporting on the failure of the first responders, the city of new orleans and the state of louisiana to help people. yes, we reported fema's problems but we also told the other side of the story. >> jon: that's your example? you had a week to prepare an example and you came up with in 2005 everyone was (beep) on the republicans and we made sure they understood that local louisiana democrats (beep) too. i mean, just out of curiosity in your week of digging for that, did you find it on thursday or friday or was it broadcast news where joan sprinted in during the show countdown, "i found one." here's what i'll do. i'll find something. here's what i'll do. i'll find something maybe more from the recent past that i think tells the fuller story. it's not crazy. mother says i'm crazy to have these books but i don't think it's crazy. i think it's smart to have these books. here's one
skip skip out. go ahead, katrina n. terms of the challenge, a lawsuit, jeffrey, correct knee i'm wrong, but it would have to come from congress. a joint resolution. i don't see that happening with the democratic senate. more important is that president, again, he's a constitutional lawyer. of course there's troubling questions about executive overreach, but we have seen an unwillingness to negotiate, and i think as you said at the beginning, chris, this is not radicalism. this is constitutionalism and it is worth reminding americans of what is in this document that could be used in this crisis at a moment when we face true calamity. >> you know, we've had a big debate here. you've had editorial meetings as the nation. we have them here with producers. some people i work with, maybe i'm with them sometimes and maybe i am. in fact i think i am. some people on right who will say, michele bachmann a few others like her, who are lawyers and should know, they'll say, well, it's not really going to be a catastrophe if we don't pay our debts as a country. i always say, wait a minute. i'm think
is her and tony, a former press secretary. katrina, here's david brooks saying -- have most of the me a media -- >> yes, though i think in the last weeks we've seen more attention paid for the fact you no longer have a republican party nixon would recognize. this is an extremist republican party willing to blow up the economy. a debt ceiling, by the way, republicans seven times voted for to lift under george w. bush, but i think the largest crisis, the media malpractice, howard, is the fact that i have the idea, the concept that america is bankrupt. it is not bankrupt. what is bankrupt is the inside the beltway consensus that the real crisis in this country is about deficits and debt. when you look at the front pages in the last days, the last few years, howard, what is it? it is a jobs crisis. so when you listen to bill daley and he said president obama came to washington to do something big, what we -- -- >> tony blakley, i'm not taking sides here. journalists could easily write that by saying we'll negotiate anything, except tax increases, republicans are blocking progress toward
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